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School Nurse

School Nurse

School Nurse


Give your child a healthy start for the school year. Students learn best when they are healthy. School nurses are dedicated to promoting and protecting the health of students and staff in school. Students are encouraged to develop good health habits that will last a lifetime. School nurses help to identify and provide support for health conditions that adversely impact learning. If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me throughout the school year. I am available at St. Dominic School every Tuesday and every other Thursday. I can be reached through the main office @ 215-333-6703.

Throughout the school year the Nurse is responsible for the following:

PHYSICAL EXAMS- your child must have a recent (within the past year), recorded physical examination by their health care provider upon entry to school and again in the sixth and ninth grades. This information must be on file in the nurse’s office.

DENTAL EXAMS- Recorded dental exams are required for entry to school and again the third and seventh grades. This information is required to be on file in the nurse’s office.

IMMUNIZATIONS- all students must be up to date with their immunizations as mandated by the Commonwealth of Pa. Students who fail to meet the requirements will receive a written notice with a grace period of 2 weeks. If, after 2 weeks, the required immunization is not received, the student will be excluded from school until the immunization is received and verified by a doctor’s note. All students must have a State immunization card on file @ the school.

HEALTH ISSUES- Students with any identified medical issues, including but not limited to cardiac conditions, asthma, ADHD, seizures, diabetes etc. must have this information on file in the nurse’s office. This information must be updated and recorded every Sept. It is in the best interest/safety of your child to inform ALL their teachers of any health concerns that would impact on your child’s school performance. The School Nurse is responsible for the development and implementation of appropriate health plans to protect and maintain the safety and health of any student with identified health issues.

MEDICATIONS- (Prescription or over the counter). Should your child require medication during the school day, your child’s doctor must complete the appropriate forms issued by the school nurse. All medication must be secured in the nurse’s office in the original pharmacy container labeled with your child’s name, frequency and dose of medication. If your child must carry medication, the doctor must specifically record these instructions (student is competent to carry and self medicate) on the medication forms. If your child requires an over the counter remedy, your child’s doctor must complete the same paperwork and parents need to label the package. This will ensure the safety of all our students.

Any medication not picked up by an adult at the end of the school year will be discarded. The school is not permitted to store any medication/equipment over the summer.

ILLNESS AND INJURY- The nurse has set health room hours throughout the day to see sick and injured students (emergencies are seen anytime) and complete the state mandated screenings. Please do not send children to school when they are sick. The nurse is not permitted to diagnose or provide treatment for injuries that occur at home, outside of school hours. Parents are responsible to have their child’s doctor diagnose and treat all illnesses and injuries that occur during non school hours.

HEATH SCREENINGS- The school nurse is responsible for completing, documenting and following up with all the yearly mandated health screenings which should identify any problems that would interfere with a student’s learning ability. Should you prefer your child’s doctor complete the screenings, please forward the results to the nurse’s office.

VISION-grades K-8

HEARING- grades K 1,2,3,6


SCOLISOS-grades 6 & 7

CONTAGIOUS DISEASE CONTROL- School nurses are responsible for monitoring, documenting, excluding and reporting all communicable diseases as defined by the Health Department.

HEALTHY CHILDREN ACHIEVE GREATER ACADEMIC SUCCESS- Parents please send your children to school prepared to learn in the classroom. To avoid unpleasant teasing from peers, encourage good hygiene and grooming skills. Be sure they have eaten breakfast, received appropriate hours of sleep and are free from any contagious disease/illness. If you as a parent are uncertain if your child is actually sick in the morning (no fever/vomiting but complaining) send a note to your child’s teacher with your concerns and a phone number where you can be reached. Should your child get worse during the course of the day, you will be notified. Otherwise, the staff assumes students have been sent to school healthy and students are strongly advised to remain in school until dismissal. Decreasing classroom interruptions promotes an optimal learning environment for all students.

ABSCENCES- Any student who is absent for 3 days or more, must have a doctors note to return to school. If your child is experiencing excessive absences throughout the school year, your physician must provide documentation addressing your child’s health issues.

Thank you for all your cooperation!

School Nurse

All Kindergarten students MUST have an updated physical exam (within the year) and an updated dental exam on file in the Nurse’s office.

All 6th grade students require all of the above initial immunizations along with (1) Tdap (1) MCV

All 6th grade students MUST have an updated physical exam on file in the Nurse’s office.

All 3rd and 7th grade students Must have a dental exam on file in the Nurse’s office.

**Immunizations, Physicals and periodical dental exams are all State mandated requirements as defined by the Commonwealth of Pa. Should our school be identified as being Immunization non-compliant, we could be subject to a monetary fine. Parents please update all immunizations and forward to school if not presently updated on your child’s health record. **Should your child require medication during the school day (over the counter or prescription) your child’s doctor MUST completed the required paperwork issued through the school. Medication may not be dispensed at school until the paperwork is received and the doctors order are noted on your child’s health record. A parent or their designee may come to school to administer the required medication until the doctor completes the necessary paperwork.

A Reminder: Children should come to school healthy and ready to learn. A good nights sleep along with a good breakfast prepares your child for a successful school day. Please don’t send your child to school when they are sick with fever over 100, diarrhea or vomiting. Students should be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school. We want all of our students to be healthy with good attendance records-this will ensure a successful school year! Unless a child has a communicable disease or high fever, they are encouraged to remain in school until dismissal. Should you be concerned that your child may need an early dismissal from school due to questionable health issues. Please notify the teacher with a short note and phone number where you can be reached. Please contact me with any health concerns you may have regarding your children. I can be reached through the main office Tuesdays and every other Thursday.